Dental Implants

Lack of teeth impacts the beauty of a smile, self-confidence, and also directly affects overall health. Insufficiently thorough chewing of food is fraught with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, not to mention the displacement of the entire dentition, change in bite, and possible bone atrophy. That’s why the doctors of our clinic do everything possible to preserve the tooth, but this is not always possible.

Sometimes the removal of a diseased tooth and follow-up dental implant surgery is the only way to avoid the spread of infection, which has already affected the deep periodontal tissues and even the bone. Often dental implant surgery is the best way to recreate a beautiful, healthy smile, so in our clinic, we install more than 100 dental implants per month.

5 main steps of the successful implant surgery in our dentistry

  • Initial inspection. Before deciding on tooth extraction and subsequent dental implant surgery, the doctor must conduct a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity, make sure that this operation is advisable, and analyze X-rays. To study the state of the oral cavity, computed tomography of the teeth and a panoramic x-ray of the jaw are performed. Through the examination, the doctor can see both the visible tissue and the bone structure. Panoramic images also make it possible to identify hidden pathologies (granulomas, cysts, etc.).
  • The general condition of the oral cavity is of great importance for successful dental implant surgery. It is highly desirable to preliminarily remove foci of caries and inflammation, to prepare the oral cavity for future surgical intervention.
  • Augmentation of bone tissue. This is not a mandatory procedure and is only necessary for some patients. Most often, we observe dental tissue atrophy due to prolonged inflammatory processes. That is why we never tire of reminding you that the earlier you seek qualified dental care, the easier and more affordable dental implant surgery will be.
  • Surgical intervention. Metal implants function as dental roots and are implanted directly into the bone tissue. Then the abutment needs to be inserted. It is a metal product used to connect a prosthesis and an implant. While this may sound intimidating, you should not be afraid of the procedure. Our doctors will do everything as carefully and painlessly as possible.
  • Installation of the crown. A big plus of this method is that any prostheses can be placed on such implants. Modern dental implant surgery involves the installation of both single dental crowns and full-fledged large structures for the entire dentition.

The cost of dental implant surgery in our dental office

On the website of our Coral Springs Fl dental office, a detailed price list is presented, which indicates the cost of each procedure, but only a dentist can name the exact amount after a detailed examination. Be that as it may, by contacting our office, you can count on the lowest prices in the region and high-quality services. We do not ship crowns to China and only deal with local laboratories in Florida. Also, we use high-quality Cortex and OCO Biomedical implants. If you are looking for the best dental services in the region, but are not ready to overpay, call and our manager will book you on a convenient date.