Prosthetics teeth restoration at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs

With a complete loss of a tooth, restoration occurs with the help of prosthetics. Dental prosthetics restores a tooth, completely imitating a lost one, with its aesthetic appropriate appearance (like cosmetic restoration of teeth) and respect for adjacent teeth.

Prosthetics exist:

  • removable, which must be removed and washed periodically;
  • non-removable, which is installed for long-term wearing.

During prosthetics, the patient’s age, the number of extracted teeth, and all accompanying, especially chronic, diseases are taken into account.

What are removable dentures – it is actually a plastic copy of the jaw. But they should be taken off on a regular basis on your own in order to carry out the necessary hygiene. Such dentures look very natural. In the oral cavity, these prostheses are attached in several ways: using hooks, buttons.