Depending on which teeth the bridges are placed on, the following prosthetics are distinguished:

Back teeth . Crowns are made from solid zirconium dioxide, which is durable and practically does not differ in appearance from natural teeth. (consult with your  

Front Teeth.  All-ceramic/ To replace missing teeth ( or tooth) there are several types of prosthetics options. One of the types of replacing missing teeth is the installation of a permanent bridge. You can chew on it and sleep with it.


In this article, we will dwell on bridges, their varieties, advantages and disadvantages in more detail. We will also consider alternative options for restoring defects in the dentition.

Dental bridge: what is it

A dental bridge is a prosthetic construction that consists of crowns. It should be done custom in the lab. It takes 2 weeks. Your dentist will check your case and pick the right material for the dental bridge. The most modern and popular option for dental bridges is zirconia / ceramic bridges. But there are some individual cases where a PFM dental bridge can be a better option for the patient. .  

How to know how many units of the bridge do you need? 

If you are looking for a bridge and you are missing one tooth only, in this case, you will need a three-unit bridge(a simple way to explain, it will look like three dental crowns connected together). So the teeth on the side will hold a bridge and the middle unit of the bridge will fill out the space with the missing tooth (the dentist calls it pontic).

If two teeth are missing, you will need a four-unit dental bridge. If you are missing 6 or more teeth  you may be a perfect candidate for dental roundhouse bridge. Please call the office if you have any questions. Our front desk speaks Spanish as well. 

zirconia bridges are recommended in the smile zone. This material is characterized by high aesthetics, transparency and a variety of shades.

When a dental bridge is a good option:

  • Defect
  • Absence of 1-2, less often 3 teeth
  • Impossibility of implantation

In some cases, the installation of a bridge is contraindicated:

  • Multiple adentia
  • Bite defects
  • Pathological abrasion
  • Periodontal disease and periodontitis

The patient should have strong and healthy abutment teeth to hold the bridge.  After evaluating the dentist determines the possibility of  replacing a missing tooth (teeth) with ridge prosthesis.

Features of dental bridge care

One of the advantages of a bridge is that it is easy to maintain, which is virtually indistinguishable from normal daily care. In order for the bridge to serve for many years, it is necessary to carry out thorough hygiene and visit a professional hygienist  in the dental office at least 2 times a year. Since the bridge is a one-piece structure that has no interdental spaces, regular dental floss will not work. In this case, it is better to purchase special tools such as airpik or waterpik  that will help to cope with the cleaning of hard-to-reach places under the dental bridge.

After the dental bridge is installed, be sure to visit the dentist at least twice a year, undergo preventive examinations and perform professional hygiene with a specialist. These measures will help prevent diseases of the oral cavity, inflammation of the gums and prolong the life of the orthopedic structures.


Dental bridge or implant – which is better?

In some cases, the placement of a bridge is not possible or if patients are looking for a single implant placing we are offering OCO Biomedical Implants here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs.

Placing a dental implant not only allows you to achieve a highly aesthetic smile, but also fully restores the chewing function. The implant plays the role of the root of the tooth, therefore, it creates a load on the bone and prevents its atrophy. 

In the case of a choice between a bridge and an  implant, a dentist will always help to decide. He will advise which is better – bridges or dental implants in your individual case. After dental x-rays and dental exam, diagnosis and collection of anamnesis, the best option will be selected that suits your individual case.

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