Dental Hygiene Office

If we say that dental hygiene is the basis of healthy teeth and gums, then this will be the absolute truth without exaggeration. After all, soft and hard accretions that are removed during the procedure, as a result, lead to all possible diseases. The formation of caries, periodontitis, inflammation of the gums are the consequences of accretions not removed in time, which provoked infections and other complications. Regular comprehensive hygiene will allow You to avoid this, as well as make Your smile even more beautiful thanks to the snow-white, well-groomed teeth. Our clinic provides dental hygiene services, and we will be glad to see You at such preventive sessions with enviable regularity.

What does the professional hygiene service include?

Dentistry services for dental hygiene are provided using different methods. This can be ultrasonic cleaning or the use of an Air-flow apparatus. But basically, the goals of the procedure are reduced to the following: removal of plaque from hard-to-reach places, soft accretions and tartar, elimination of infections and unpleasant odor, whitening of teeth. The procedure does not provide for classical whitening, but due to the removal of plaque, the enamel noticeably brightens, and the patient receives a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness, which lasts for a long time. What are the advantages of such hygiene? The fact is that no matter how thoroughly You brush your teeth, use dental floss and other home care products, You still cannot remove all the dirt yourself. They accumulate in the most secluded places over time, and tooth enamel darkens because of tea and coffee.

This not only brings an aesthetic defect, but also contributes to the development of infections and various diseases. Dental hygiene is a necessary procedure for the continued maintenance of dental health. A dental hygienist will tell You how often You must do it, and give useful tips on home care that will help prolong the effect. Our dentistry clinic has all the modern equipment for applying different techniques and achieving maximum results.

The cost of the procedures is indicated on the website

You can see the price for all services on the site in order to navigate the upcoming costs. We have reasonable rates that are available to the majority of the population. We will be glad to see You at the clinic on Coral Springs, make an appointment at a convenient time and properly care for your teeth.