Teeth Aligners in Coral Springs

Crooked teeth and malocclusion are problems that are familiar to most of the world’s population. Almost every second person on earth requires measures to align teeth. Of course, it is best to start this process in childhood. Indeed, the situation will only get worse over the years. In addition, it must be borne in mind that such defects do not only look unaesthetic, but also affect dental health. For example, due to an irregular bite, teeth can chafe and gradually deteriorate. Tooth displacement provokes problems with internal organs and systems. Everything is so interconnected that such a problem cannot be ignored in any case.

Moreover, modern dentistry offers enough solutions. You can choose from a variety of teeth aligners based on structure aesthetics, cost, and other features. And our dentists will do everything so that the process of wearing structures does not cause you discomfort, and the result exceeds your wildest expectations.

Top ways to align your teeth

Most effective and popular dental aligners:

  • Braces are the most traditional option. Braces allow coping with any problem of complexity. They correct occlusion, dental crowding, gaps between teeth, and replace teeth that deviate from the dentition. Modern structures are presented in a large selection regarding the material of manufacture – these can be both classic metal systems, and more aesthetic sapphire or lingual ones, which are attached on the inside. The duration of treatment can take from 1 to 2 years;
  • Aligners are onlays that are absolutely invisible on the teeth for others. The aesthetics of the solution attracts many patients, but it must be borne in mind that they cannot cope with serious malocclusion or crooked teeth. Aligners will help to align teeth in a row, correct bite, eliminate crowding and gaps between teeth in an initial to moderate degree of difficulty. Tooth alignment price is more expensive than braces.

In any case, the method must be chosen based on the clinical picture. You will find the best solutions in our dentistry clinic, in order to achieve the desired result as soon as possible. Experts will assess the level of the defects and advise in what ways, at what price and with what period of time they can be corrected.

The cost of orthodontic treatment at our dentist

It must be admitted that there are no very cheap ways to correct the bite or align the teeth. This treatment requires certain financial investments. But they are fully justified by the result, because you will not only become the owner of a beautiful smile, but you will also be able to avoid many problems with your teeth and health in general in the future. Our dental services are provided at the highest level, we will help You find a good option and start a successful fight for regular teeth. We are waiting for you at the clinic in Coral Springs.