Wisdom Teeth Removal

The appearance of “eights” or eighth molars, unlike other teeth, is possible in adulthood, as a rule, from about 18 years of age. Therefore, they are also called wisdom teeth.

It is noteworthy that they no longer develop in a large part of the world’s population, being an echo of the times when humanity ate very tough food. Eighth molars, like other teeth, are laid in the gums from birth, but many babies are already born without them. Out placement in the lower and upper row on an already fully formed jaw often causes discomfort, inflammation during prosthetics, carries the risk of cyst formation, deformation of the dentition and many other dental problems. There is only one solution in most of these cases – removal.

Features of the extraction of eights by the dentist

Special skills are required to work with such root elements and, in particular, to remove wisdom teeth. At Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs Clinics, this operation is performed by highly qualified doctors with extensive practical experience. Our specialists will be able to carry out the wisdom tooth extraction procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

The removal of teeth-eights is a fairly current surgical operation among the list of dental services. A wisdom tooth that usually erupts and calmly grows is a rare occurrence. Often it gives a person pain and great discomfort during this period. This procedure can be tantamount to a standard operation of a tooth removal, but often, due to the location of the roots, the extraction of this element in the dentition is quite difficult manipulation. Complicated removal is more time consuming and more expensive at a price. It provides for the dissection of the gums or periosteum, and the doctor uses special tools in the process.

We have a reasonable cost of dental services

After the wisdom teeth removal, You need to monitor the condition of the holes. You must not eat for 2 hours after the operation. This is necessary for the formation and strengthening of a blood clot. You can not touch the hole with your finger, tongue, toothpick or other objects. This can destroy the integrity of the blood clot, expose the wound surface, thus opening access to a huge amount of bacteria and their toxins, cause pain and subsequent inflammation. Thermal procedures, which can dilate blood vessels and may cause bleeding, are not recommended. Despite the widespread belief that wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure, all points must be strictly observed, which guarantees quick and painless healing.

The Coral Springs dental clinic uses innovative technologies, modern devices and an individual approach to each patient so that everything goes smoothly, and You can quickly recover.