Teeth Whitening in Coral Springs

A beautiful snow-white smile is one of the first signs that a person is taking care of himself, taking care of his health. It immediately disposes others, helps to make a good impression and feel confident in any society. The color of the enamel is formed genetically, but various external factors contribute to its darkening over time. Frequent consumption of tea, coffee, even our usual food and smoking – all this affects the enamel and gradually makes our teeth darker. It is impossible to prevent the process at home, therefore, You need to use professional teeth whitening to maintain an aesthetic smile.

It will be great if the procedure is included in your basic oral care package. However, after the first whitening, each patient comes a second, third time and becomes a stable fan of the technology. The result is so pleasing that it is impossible to refuse to save it. If You need a good dentistry for high-quality whitening, then You have successfully visited our site. We offer high-quality dental services in a wide range of areas, we work with modern equipment and are highly qualified for Your confidence in the result.

Best tooth whitening solutions

Our dental services include the most modern and effective whitening techniques that are very popular with patients. For example, we offer tooth whitening with ZOOM technology, the benefits of which include:

  • Time of the procedure – You only need one visit to significantly brighten the enamel;
  • Whitening for 7-10 tones, depending on the initial state;
  • Duration of the result. The snow-white enamel can last for 5-7 years, depending on food and other habits;
  • The structure of the tooth is strengthened and the level of sensitivity decreases;
  • Painlessness of the process.

The technology is based on the action of a special whitening gel and a photosensitive activator, as well as a light flux that accelerates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. The technique is popular all over the world, patients appreciate it for its high efficiency and long-term preservation of the result. We use the best tools and materials for your safety and high-quality performance of the procedure with the proper effect in our dentistry clinic.

Whitening cost at our dentists

Price for all types of procedures is openly indicated on the website, and You will not be in for surprises after Your visit. We immediately orientate patients in real prices. The Coral Springs Clinic is the place to take care of Your teeth at a reasonable price. Sign up at a convenient time, and we will do our best to make Your smile arouse admiring glances.