Root Canal Treatment

Being busy with work and daily activities, we do not always pay attention to recurrent toothache. In the initial stages, caries may not cause severe pain and make it felt only when in contact with too hot, cold, or sweet food. But even these rare symptoms are a serious warning sign. By skipping it, you run the risk of triggering the painful situation and allowing the inflammation to spread deeper, affecting the most sensitive part of the tooth.

When caries completely destroys the hard layers and gets to the pulp, where the bundle of dental nerves is located, the pain becomes so intense that most patients are forced to call the dentist office. In this case, we often have to deal with root canal treatment (RCT). You should not be afraid of this, because our office employs dentists with extensive experience who can do everything painlessly.

High-quality RCT for teeth at the most affordable price in South Florida

We do not hide our prices and will be able to name the approximate price of treatment over the phone. Also on the site, there is a detailed price list that will help you understand how much a dentist visit may cost. In any case, if you manage to find a lower price in another office, we will make an additional discount. We are convinced that quality dental services should be affordable, and we do our best for this.

All treatments in one dental office are quickly and conveniently

We employ dentists with a wide range of qualifications and extensive professional experience. You don’t have to go to different offices and change from one dental chair to another. All issues related to oral health and a beautiful smile can be solved in one place. Just contact us and schedule a convenient appointment.