Zirconia Crowns for Teeth

Dentures allow to save the tooth with the greatest destruction and improve the patient’s quality of life. One of the most popular solutions in the modern dentistry is zirconia crowns.

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Zirconium dioxide is considered the most durable, resistant and hypoallergenic material currently used in dentistry. This metal was used for joint prosthetics and very quickly gained popularity, so the crowns for teeth appeared over time. In addition to convenience and strength, they are distinguished by high aesthetics and do not outlook in appearance in the dentition.

Zirconium dioxide is hypoallergenic, has a transparency and a white tint, which allows the finished dentures to look natural. Compared to metal-ceramics, zirconium tooth crowns are thinner and lighter despite their strength. This allows You to minimize the preparation of teeth for prosthetics, and sometimes You can even have a zirconium tooth crowning on a “live” tooth without removing the nerve. The translucent frame is covered with a ceramic layer on top. Often this material is used for fixed structures, such as dental bridge or individual single dentures. The advantages of zirconium can be described for a long time, but the price is among the disadvantages, because they are quite expensive, but also the cost is quite justified. Unlike metal-ceramics, products do not oxidize or darken, the edge of the crown does not cause the gum inflammation or discomfort. The same hypoallergenicity and durability are found only in gold-rimmed crowns, but they are also much more expensive

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Affordable Coral Springs Dentistry works with any type of crown. Modern methods of anesthesia make the process of crowning completely painless. Dental prosthetics at Coral Springs Clinic is a fairly affordable procedure, one of the most popular among dental services. Contact us right now and we will find the most convenient time for You to visit.