About Dental Treatment

Placing filling, perhaps, is the main type of dental treatment, which is the most important way to preserve a tooth and its functional purpose. Of course, any qualified dentist will do everything possible to solve the problem in the oral cavity with minimal intervention. All dentists in our dental clinic, guided by the experience and knowledge gained, do their work so that the quality of work and the patient’s comfort during the manipulations are at the highest level. In dentistry, we provide the following types of therapeutic treatment:

– caries/ cavity  treatment;

– part restoration and full restoration of teeth.

– treatment of complicated caries (pulpitis, periodontitis) – root canal treatment

– placing implants ( our dentists can do the extraction and placing a dental implant the same day) and more

A cavity is the most common problem with which patients come to the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, not many people notice the onset of a carious process in the oral cavity, and therefore they come to the doctor to treat teeth with already formed carious cavities. When this process is not delayed, then the treatment will take a lot of time. But in the case when caries were not cured in time, it can turn into more complex forms, such as pulpitis. This disease does not go unnoticed, as it is accompanied by acute pain due to inflammation in the pulp – a nerve bundle located at the root of the tooth. If at this stage of the development of the disease, you do not visit the dentist, the process of tooth decay will go further, and periodontitis will begin – an inflammation of the peri-root tissues of the tooth. In this case, it is not always possible to preserve the tooth, despite all the actions of the dentist.

Specialists of the “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs” advise patients to undergo a preventive examination 2 times a year in order to timely identify the beginning pathological processes in the oral cavity and cure them in the early stages.

In our dental office, we accept most major insurances: PPO and HMO. Please feel free to contact our dental practice at (786) 440-4948