Aesthetic restoration of the tooth 

In what cases is it necessary to restore both individual teeth and a portion of the dentition. The main ones are the following:

  • cracks;
  • various defects: narrowing, expansion, and elongation of the tooth, the formation of a corrosive cavity, mechanical damage,
  • uneven shape, age-related wear;
  • restoration of the color of the enamel (elimination of stains, whitening);
  • incorrect placement (alignment of the position of protruding teeth);
  • reconstruction of a dental unit.

As a result of the dentist’s successful work, it is possible to completely restore the dentition and protect it from external factors. The happy owner of the cured teeth gets the opportunity to chew food without any problems, which will have a positive effect on his body. Successfully performed manipulations of the dentist will make their service lifelong, without the occurrence of unforeseen situations.