All-On-4 Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Dental services inevitably cause fear for someone, others put off solving problems indefinitely and only a part of those people takes a responsible and attentive attitude to their health, regularly visiting the dentist for examinations. Unfortunately, the advanced stage of various dental diseases often leads to their loss. In addition to poor aesthetics, this carries a number of other complications. Free space in the dentition over time leads to the displacement of other teeth.

Today, dentistry offers several solutions to this problem with temporary prosthetics and implantation. The placement of fixed dental bridges on implants and removable dentures is possible. These options are possible as an alternative to the extremely popular All-on-4 method.

Dentist at Coral-Springs will suggest the best solutions

Technically, and taking into account the prospect of long-term use, the popularity of the placement of a removable prosthesis with fixation for 4 or more implants, replacing all the teeth in the jaw, is quite understandable.

The all on four option gives patients different replacement options. Dental implantation in practice has many examples with the proposal to remove teeth to make place for dental implants, even if there are several healthy teeth in the dental arch. Affordable Coral-Springs dentistry follows different principles in its work. Our team believes it is absolutely important to try all the options to keep your teeth healthy. If this fails for some reason, then the following solutions can be considered:

1. Zirconium crowns on implants. This is the best that any dentist can offer. The result is 2, 3 or 4 fixed or non-removable dental bridges that attach directly to the implants.
Advantages of this method over All-on-4:

  • the bone is removed in a minimal amount, it is often possible to do without removal;
  • outwardly, in sensation and functionally does not differ from natural teeth;
  • practically does not affect speech;
  • does not affect the palate;
  • are cleaned directly on the teeth;
  • there are no hard-to-reach places for cleaning or unnatural contours;
  • no special abutments are required, as in the All-on-4 protocol;
  • usually pink porcelain is not required along the gum line, because there is no aggressive bone removal.

2. All-on-4 hybrid. Technical names – hybrid or fixed-removable denture. It can only be removed by a dentist if necessary. Popular names – “All-On-4” or “Teeth in 1 Day”. Sometimes, a patient can have 5 or 6 implants placed during one procedure, depending on the peculiarities of his anatomy.

This popular technique is often used around the world. Given this factor and the potential profit, many dentists try to use it. A denture, which is attached (screwed on) to several implants, is created, as a result of such procedures. It is made from titanium, acrylic or zirconium. If the wrong material was chosen initially or the patient is used to clenching the jaw or gritting his teeth, chipped teeth are common in this case. This is a very good option only if everything is done correctly with the right combination of materials. The end result looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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