Benefits of the fluoride for your teeth

Fluorine is a chemical element found naturally in water sources, including ocean water. Research results have shown that fluoride not only reduces the risk of developing cavity in children and adults, but also allows tooth restoration at an early stage of caries development, even before it becomes noticeable. Fluoride is the best anti-cavity agent to keep your family’s teeth strong, regardless of age.

After eating, the particles of food remaining in the mouth break down into carbohydrates and sugars, which, after being digested by bacteria, turn into acids that cause the development of cavity. These acids weaken the teeth and cause tooth decay. At this stage, fluoride ions play an important role. When fluoride reaches the surface of the tooth, it is incorporated into the enamel structure along with calcium and phosphorus ions. It restores enamel by replenishing lost calcium and phosphorus reserves, making teeth stronger. Fluoride stops the development of the cavity and prevents its formation.

Visit your dentist at least every 6 months and have professional dental cleaning done. Dental hygienist will apply fluoride after your dental cleaning.