Often we see patients that ask about crowns vs veneers. Some people are under misconception that these two treatments are the same thing. Both veneers and crowns are similar in appearance, procedure, and design process.

They are both custom pieces of porcelain that are cemented over individual teeth. They both require that some prep work be done to the natural tooth ahead of time, and once it’s completed an impression will be taken of the remaining structure. The replica of your mouth is used to design and fabricate your custom restoration.

Typically, it takes a couple of weeks to have a crown or veneer made. During this time, a temporary restoration must be worn that’ll be held in place with an interim cement. Temporary crowns and veneers are made from acrylic material and come in different shades, but the choices may be limited.

When our local lab preps the permanent veneers and crowns, we call our patients to schedule an appointment. During this visit, the doctor will remove the temporary, clean the natural tooth, and try the permanent restoration on. Sometimes we need to make some minor adjustments to the artificial tooth to make it fit perfectly. Once the patient and Doctor are happy with the way your tooth looks, we’ll cement the restoration on with a permanent bonding agent.


Even though there are so many similarities between veneers and the crowns, they are completely different.

Porcelain veneers are strictly a cosmetic option. The restoration is very thin and almost looks like artificial fingernail. They are meant to improve the appearance of your front teeth. These fabricated covers fit over the front of your tooth and slightly overlap the edges of it to help ensure a secure fit. On the other hand, a crown, while it can give you the same final look as a veneer, is a restoration that’s done to truly restore your tooth. They are made as complete covers that slide over weak or otherwise compromised teeth to protect them from further trauma. Crowns are thicker than veneers, meaning that more tooth structure needs to be removed at the initial appointment. This includes the entire back and sides of your tooth.

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