What is dental diagnostics in Coral Springs

The purpose of any examination is to make the correct diagnosis, because on the basis of it, treatment is prescribed. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the doctor will select the method that will be effective in a particular case and will not harm the body.


What is dental diagnostics 

A diagnostic dental appointment is a visit in which only procedures needed to provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis are completed. It does not include a cleaning or any work necessary to restore your teeth.

How is the examination carried out?

Until a few years ago, doctors relied only on X-rays. But the situation has changed. Diagnostics for dental treatment in the Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs  is a whole range of activities. Usually one of these methods is chosen: X-ray; Panoramic xrays; orthopantomogram; CT scan. Using modern equipment that digitizes images of the jaws, the dentist will see the full information of the disease. At the same time, there is no risk to the patient’s health.

The first step is dental  diagnosis. It usually begins with a full set of xrays. Our dental assistent will take xrays of upper and lower teeth. If we re talking about dental surgery such as a wisdom teeth extraction or placing a dentla implant, your dentist may request a panoramic xray and/or CT scan.

After this the dentist will be able to provide you dental treatment plan. The price for dental diagnostics depends on which method is used for diagnistic. We have most of the prices posted on our website here.

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