Dental Emergency

A toothache always appears at the wrong time. But often its appearance is so uncomfortable that it is impossible to endure for a long time. In such cases, You need to catch time by the forelock, so as not to torment yourself, and not to aggravate the situation with a sick tooth. But we must admit that this is not always possible. Most clinics practice pre-registration and cannot find time to see a person with acute pain with a huge flow of patients. On the one hand, this tendency is understandable, but, in our opinion, it is extremely disrespectful towards patients who are in pain here and now. Is it possible to predict that You will have a toothache? Therefore, we provide dental emergency care in our clinic. We also have a rather tight entry, but the service is organized in such a way that we can see even passers-by from the street who are suddenly faced with a toothache without delay.

Emergency dentistry services in Florida

An emergency dentist will see You without delay – undertake an examination, carry out the necessary diagnostic procedures and do everything that is required at this stage to relieve pain and effectively continue treatment. Depending on the clinical picture of the case, the problem can be resolved immediately, or it may be necessary to extend the therapy for several sessions. As a rule, acute pain occurs in the case of caries or pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve), with complex eruption of a wisdom tooth, inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, trauma, and cracked teeth. The quality of treatment and customer service comes first at our dentistry clinic. Therefore, quick help does not mean interfacial or negligent. Our main task is to relieve pain for the patient, but at the same time, the specialist tries to determine the cause of the discomfort, carries out the diagnostics in order to act correctly and give useful recommendations for the future. Our dental services are provided at the highest level, with care for the patient and his comfort. We have modern equipment for diagnostics and treatment, high-quality materials and preparations, proven by many years of experience at our disposal.

Emergency dentist cost

The price of emergency help does not differ from the standard price. Payment is carried out accordingly with the manipulations carried out, the prices for which are on the site and are announced by us even before the work is completed. Our clinic in Coral Springs has loyal prices for Florida, pleasant service and quality treatment. Let unexpected pains in your teeth bother You as rarely as possible, but we are always on hand and ready to help.