Dental Emergency: Toothaches. Pain in the tooth. Teeth hurt.

Part 1. What to do when a tooth hurts?

Part 2. How to find the best dentist near me? 

Part 3. How to find an affordable dental office?


First of all, it doesn’t matter how often you are flossing your teeth and how long you are brushing them. Toothaches CAN happen. Life is life.

Our dental team prepares some dental tips for you just in case tooth pain happened to you and you weren’t sitting in the dental chair at that moment.

PART1 What to do when a tooth hurts?

1. Take pain relief pills first.

Check on the instruction on the bottle and find out how many pills you can take at once to relieve tooth pain

2. Seat, don`t lay down 

In a horizontal position, blood rushes to the focus of inflammation, which leads to increased pain

3. Ice or a cold compress will help relieve painful sensations for a while.

You can gently rinse your mouth with water and a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. Do not use hot solutions, this will increase the discomfort and may cause complications. It is also not worth warming a sick tooth with hot compresses, this will aggravate the situation and can cause serious consequences if the pain is associated with inflammation and / or a purulent process.

3. Here you have two options: If you can’t handle tooth pain – you can go to ER (Simple google ER near me or Emergency Room near me) and they will help you there. Yes, they are not a dentist BUT they can provide you medication which is exactly what you need right now.

Regular ( if the patient doesn’t have an allergy reaction they can give you  Motrin and Amoxicillin)

3. We are leaving in a great time where a lot of dental offices provide 24/7 on-call scheduling or online chat so you can schedule your dental appointment anytime. Here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we will see you first in the morning because we know hot tooth pain hurts.

4. Cold or hot? 

Listen to your tooth: if your tooth reacts to a hot ( tea or coffee) or in cold ( cold water). It’s not a random question that your dentist likes to ask. Your answer will help to find out where your tooth pain is coming from. In a case when your tooth reacts to the cold water it still may be a good sign for you, since it may be only the high sensitivity of your tooth. In the case when you are filled with sharp tooth pain after sipping hot tea it may be a bad sign for you because for your dentist it will sound more like root canal treatment is needed. Now you know what to expect when you will visit your local dentist

5. Don`t miss your dental appointment 

Even if you don’t feel pain in the morning it doesn’t mean that the tooth becomes healthy by itself.

It is necessary to consult a dentist immediately after the onset of a toothache, regardless of what nature it is and at what time of day it occurs. Pain after tooth extraction, surgical procedures, and implantation is considered normal. In other cases, it acts as a symptom of chronic disease. The sooner you can go to a specialist, the higher the chances are to prevent complications of the disease and get rid of the pain, saving the tooth.


How to find the best dentist near me? 

a) Ask your family members if they have a good dentist that you can trust

b) Ask your friends and coworkers if they experience a good quality of dental services with their dentist

c) Ask Google (Please don`t forget to check review about dental office AND dentist by itself)

If the dentist has cured someone’s teeth well, chances are better that he won’t ruin yours either. But getting the right feedback is not easy.

Examples of online reviews:

Patients leave a lot of reviews on the websites of clinics. You should not pay attention to such reviews about dentists, since they are not selected (filtered) by the clinic itself. And for reasons you and I understand, bad reviews will not be published. It’s another matter if you read reviews about a dental clinic through a google map. Here, clinic staff do not have the opportunity to choose which review to publish. In other words, you see all the testimonials from their patients. And also you can read what the dental clinic answers and how it communicates with its patients

Part 3

How to find an affordable dental office?

Simple – call and ask the price. Don’t be shy to tell that you are shopping around and you are looking for an affordable dentist especially if you don’t have any dental insurance.  It is a normal thing for a self-pay dental  patient ( if you have dental insurance they will not be able to tell the exact price for your dental treatment since they will need to verify your eligibility and benefits first)

What should a self-paying patient ask a dental office before scheduling an appointment?

1. How much is dental office visit and dentist consultation for self-pay patients

2. What is the price for a dental x-ray? ( here you will have two options: Full set of x-ray OR couple images (BTW and PA)

– Full Set A “full-set” of X-rays shows all of your teeth and all of the surrounding bone, Helping to diagnose cavities, cysts or tumors, abscesses, impacted teeth, and gum disease. A full set usually consists of 14-20 individual X-rays and is generally recommended during the first visit with a new dentist to aid in proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

– Bitewings are one of the most common sets of X-rays. Bitewings show teeth above the gum line and the height of the bone between teeth. Bitewings help diagnose gum disease and cavities between teeth. The bitewing X-ray is placed on the tongue side of your teeth and held in place by biting down on a cardboard tab. Normally four bitewings are taken as a set. They may be taken as often as every six months for people with frequent cavities or every two or three years for individuals with good oral hygiene and no cavities.

Please make sure that they will send you your dental X-ray to your email. It’s good to keep it just in case.

3. Ask them about dental specials for a new patient  ( New patients deal)

If you are experiencing tooth pain you may want to take care of the problem tooth first. In this case, you don’t need full mouth dental x-rays now. PA and Btwings should be totally enough.

3. If your wisdom teeth hurt ( all the way on the back) you may need to have a panoramic x-ray done).  Do they have a panoramic machine in the office and how much is to have a pano done?

4. Dentist will check your dental x-ray and the treatment plan coordinator will provide you with the price of your dental treatment.

Here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we have most of our dental prices posted online here so you can compare dental estimates from other dental practices.

Also, we have some promotions for a new patient. Simply call us and ask at (786) 440-4948  or you can chat with us online and ask us about New Patient Specials.

Here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we don’t  charge extra for any dental emergency