Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Coral Springs

Teeth filling is the most common service in every clinic. Any dental injury with caries is accompanied by the removal of the infection and subsequent filling. Moreover, each patient is interested in the longest possible service of the filling, its aesthetics and reliability. The modern variety of fillings allows choosing an option for almost any request and budget. Our clinic works with a large number of materials that have been tested on our own experience and are guaranteed to correspond to the declared properties. The main requirements for a high-quality filling are as follows:

  • Ensuring of good tightness;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Complete safety for health;
  • Aesthetic appearance and a large number of shades to match the natural color of the enamel.

What fillings can our dentists offer You?

First of all, dental fillings are divided into temporary and permanent. The first ones are intended for temporary elimination of a defect during a long-term treatment process. They are notable for their low strength, short service life and can be removed by the patient even independently. Permanent fillings are usually classified by material. If earlier the main solution was not quite aesthetic metal fillings, then modern dentistry offers a large number of options.

The first to attract interest are ceramic or their variety – metal-ceramic structures. They are very durable and resistant to various influences, there are no problems with the selection of a shade for natural enamel, they look as natural as possible, are resistant to temperature changes and do not stain from food and drinks. The price of such a filling for a tooth is high, but fully justified.

Very high quality photopolymer fillings. These are materials of the latest generation that provide excellent results. They come in the form of a paste, which is applied with balls and hardens under the influence of UV radiation. This solution is aesthetic, durable and reliable. Fillings of this type are often used for anterior teeth.

Composite fillings are also characterized by good strength and wear resistance. But they have a feature – very fast hardening, therefore, a high qualification and experience of a dentist is required for high-quality filling in this way. You can be one hundred percent sure of our dental services.

Loyal cost of quality treatment

Our dentistry clinic is located in Coral Springs and its doors are always open for you. We are in touch for an appointment at a convenient time and are ready to see patients with acute pain. Our team does everything to make your treatment comfortable, safe and with high quality results. We are waiting for requests.