Dental Emergency in Coral Springs

We set aside some time every day for urgent and emergency appointments, so your dental emergency can be taken care of quickly.

We will give you some advice on the phone on how to manage your symptoms until you see get to see us!

There are different kinds of dental emergencies, but they all need immediate treatment. We’ll advise what you need to do with one phone call and schedule to see a dentist same day!

A chipped or broken tooth from eating, playing sport, or from a fall may not hurt, but it’s best to get it checked right away because it can lead to worst complications.

Bad infections need to be treated ASAP. They can cause pain, redness, an unpleasant taste in your mouth or even bleeding. Any swelling should also be seen to urgently. Puffs and lesions are not ok too! It may a sign of a root canal that needs to be treated before the infection goes to your system.

If you think you’ve broken your jaw, please dial 911 and go to emergency room immediately.

If you need emergency dental care for a non-life-threatening issue like a chipped or broken tooth, sudden, extreme pain in your teeth, jaw or mouth, or any other dental problem call Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs right away and we will help you.

We set aside time every day in our schedule for dental emergencies, so we always have appointments available for urgent cases that need to be treated quickly. Just give us a call and tell us what happened.  We will advise you on when to come in, and what to do until you get to our dental office.

If you’re in too much pain to talk on the phone, you can text us or reach us in our social media and make sure to note it’s an emergency.