Dentures are a common solution for a jaw with missing teeth. Coral-Springs Dental Clinic helps to solve these problems. Dentist services are provided here at a high level and at very reasonable prices. The advanced techniques, the best existing materials and equipment are used for examination and treatment of patients.

What solutions can a dentist offer in our clinic?

The most affordable are removable dentures. In fact, this is a tooth made of artificial materials such as plastic, metal, nylon. It is placed on the gum and such teeth perform the function of absent healthy ones. Dentures will return You a confident smile, chewing solid food without problems and communication without complexes.

Dental clinic specialists use two main types of dentures:

  • Full – recommended for the purpose of replacing all missing teeth in the lower or upper row of the jaw.
  • Partial – used to restore one or more missing teeth.

Dental care should not be postponed until later. Gaps in the dentition are not just gaps in the jaws, but often the cause of many problems. It all starts with the displacement of the teeth and up to complications with the joints, and this is already a difficulty in chewing and digestion. Due to the absence of individual elements in the row, the jawbone loses support. And we are not even talking about the appearance and un aesthetic nature.

Coral-Springs Dentistry offers dentures made of metal or acrylic. The latter, made of high-quality plastic, are more affordable at a cost, and they are excellent for temporary replacement of a healthy tooth. A good solution is flexible partial dentures or combinations thereof. They are able to serve for many years, if You do not subject them to heavy loads and mechanical damage. Titanium or chrome-cobalt alloy prostheses are based on a metal reinforced structure. Our specialists can place all types of dentures, including:

  • full removable – can be placed after complete healing of the gums. The process can take several months;
  • immediate – installed on the same day the remaining teeth are removed. You will need to visit a dentist in advance to develop an individual cast jaw model to do this. After complete healing, replacement or constriction of the prosthesis may be required.

The removable construction will save the bone and provide high stability and support for the denture. It can be fixed on a few remaining natural teeth, and implants are also capable of performing this function. Simple care after a complete prosthetics will provide the best result.

Justified price of high quality dental services

Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs specialists make high quality dentures that last for years. Responsible approach and affordable pricing make our clinic number one for patients. Dental services are provided at the highest level. A huge list of dental problems is being solved here thanks to top doctors and modern equipment.