The dental clinic “AFFORDABLE DENTISTRY OF CORAL SPRINGS” carries out diagnostics of all diseases of the teeth and oral care.

X-ray is the main method for examining the teeth and bones of the maxillofacial region. In our dental office, radiography is performed using a digital radiovisiograph, which allows you to obtain an X-ray image in any projection not on film, but on a computer screen in a matter of seconds.

Digital radiography allows you to obtain a high-quality image, and most importantly, to significantly reduce the radiation exposure to the patient.

In addition, your snapshot will be saved in our electronic database, which allows you to return to it at any time or we can send it to you by email.


Functional diagnostics in dentistry is used to assess the condition of tooth tissues. With the help of these methods, it is possible to objectively assess how much it was possible to restore the condition of the tooth and, if necessary, adjust the treatment. Based on these studies, the doctors of our clinic will offer you the optimal treatment regimen.

In our clinic, we carry out diagnostics and treatment of all types of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity using modern therapeutic and diagnostic techniques and the latest materials.

We provide all types of therapeutic dental care – restoration and reconstruction of teeth with carious and other dental lesions, treatment of tooth canals (endodontics), treatment of periodontal disease (implantology)



In the dental clinic “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs“, are performed all types of dental prosthetics: cermets, removable dentures of various types:

Clasp dentures,
Partial and complete removable dentures,
Removable dentures made of elastic materials (nylon)

Dentures are made in the shortest possible time (no more than two weeks). Temporary crowns can be made directly during a visit to our clinic. The specialists of our clinic carry out dental prosthetics on implants. Our dentist can do same-day implant placing

The used titanium implants ( Brand OCO Biomedical) made using space technologies make prosthetics reliable and comfortable. We provide all types of cosmetic dentistry services: teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic dental restorations. In the dental office “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs” we can straighten your teeth with most modern bracket systems such as invisible braces Invisalign and ClearCorrect


We are your local dental office in Coral Springs (the city in Broward County, Florida, United States)  approximately 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale and right next to the Margate and Coconut Creek. Simply call us at 7864404948 or you can send us a text message via online form.