Why bleeding gums are dangerous?

Why bleeding gums are dangerous?

Gum disease is the second most popular dental treatment after cavity here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs.  According to statistics, various periodontal diseases occur in 86% of adults and 65% of children. Unfortunately, the treatment and prevention of gum disease are not yet very popular.

Most people do not consider bleeding gums to be a problem requiring medical attention. Meanwhile, it is a harbinger of gum disease. The inflammatory process, in turn, weakens the body, making it vulnerable to other diseases. In addition, inflammation can lead to tooth loss over time.

Gum disease – symptoms and treatment
Gingivitis is an inflammation of the part of the gum adjacent to the tooth. The gum turns red (or, on the contrary, turns blue), swells, soreness appears … The cause of the disease is dental plaque, which provokes the multiplication of bacteria. Gingivitis, not cured in time, develops into periodontitis.

Periodontitis is an inflammatory process that affects not only the gum edge close to the tooth but also the surrounding tissues. At this stage, periodontal pockets appear under the edge of the gums – depressions in which dental plaque and food debris accumulate. There is an increase in the mobility of the teeth, which can lead to their loss.

Periodontal disease is a disease in which there is a decrease in the height of the gums. At the same time, the gum is not inflamed, it has a healthy color and fits snugly to the teeth. This disease is rare (from 1 to 8% of visits to the dentist) and is most often associated with age-related vascular changes.


If you will ignore the gum disease issue it can lead to tooth loss. That is why it is worth seeing a hygienist at least twice a year, or at least at the first sign of disease – bleeding gums.

Treatment for bleeding gums 
Getting rid of dental plaque plays an important role in the treatment of gingivitis. Timely removal of calculus helps prevent the formation of periodontal pockets and the development of periodontitis. If periodontitis has developed, effective gum treatment is cleansing and medication of the gum pockets. Here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we provide all types of dental clinic such as prophylaxis (regular) cleaning, full mouth debridement, perio maintenance, scaling, and root planing. Schedule you dental appointment today, simply call us at  (786) 440-4948

What to do if you already have periodontitis disease?
With the significant loosening of the teeth, it is necessary to resort to tooth-preserving measures, such as splinting. At the same time, the teeth are connected into a single block – this avoids the loss of teeth.

Can you stop periodontitis from progressing?
Advanced gum disease, also called periodontal disease, cannot be reversed. However, our dentists are able to mitigate the damaging effects of periodontal disease through scaling and root planing. Periodontal treatment can help you avoid some of the more serious side effects, such as receding gums and tooth loss.

Bleeding gums is a reason to see a good dentist! Entrust the treatment of gums to dentistry “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs” – experienced hygienist will relieve you of pain and prevent unpleasant consequences of the disease.