Hollywood smile is available here at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, Florida

A snow-white smile is a guarantee of self-confidence and recognition in the society. You can brush your teeth yourself, at home, but the result is unlikely to be the same as from professional cleaning. Patients should be aware that brushing their teeth is possible only when the teeth are healthy and there is no erosion of the enamel, therefore, if problems in the oral cavity are identified, they should be eliminated.

The condition of the teeth is different for all patients, so the choice of method for cleaning is very important. In our dental clinic “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs” highly qualified specialists will perform teeth cleaning professionally and choosing the method that suits you. This will not harm the enamel and reduce sensitivity after the procedure.

Before the whitening procedure ZOOM, patients are required to clean their teeth from soft plaque and tartar.

The procedure is as follows:

the patient is seated in a chair and put on goggles, a hat, and covered with a protective apron;
using a special tool, the doctor removes tartar from the enamel surface above the gums, and if necessary, then under them;
at the end of mechanical cleaning, a special gel with calcium and fluorine is applied to strengthen the enamel.
If you have very sensitive enamel, then the doctor ( or hygienist) may offer you local anesthesia so that you do not feel discomfort during the procedure.

Endo whitening
Pulped teeth need careful care no less than others. When the tooth has changed color, after root canal treatment, end bleaching is applied. The procedure is carried out in two stages, which involve two visits to the dental office. At the first visit, the doctor inserts a special gel into the tooth cavity and puts a temporary filling, which must be worn for two weeks. After this time, the dentist removes the temporary filling, removes the gel, and fills the tooth with a permanent filling. To date, this method ( dead tooth whitening)  is the most acceptable and safe.


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A visit to the Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs can be by calling us ta (786)440-4948 appointment or you can do walk-ins as welcome ( but it may take a little longer). You request a call from our dental office on our website or by calling the phones listed in the “Contacts” section. Visit your dentist for preventive examinations and at the first signs of illness in order to start treatment as soon as possible and keep your teeth healthy for a long time!