How Can Ultrasonic Cleaning Help Your Teeth?

The crazy rhythm of life often becomes an obstacle to thorough oral care. Daily brushing of teeth is not a guarantee of their health and integrity. Untreated at the proper level, areas accumulate soft plaque, which eventually transforms into a hard stone, which is the cause of unpleasant odor and inflammation of the gums. Previously, mechanical tools used to eliminate it could damage soft tissues, and chemicals could harm enamel. Modern dentistry offers methods that provide gentle cleaning of teeth using ultrasound (US) or laser.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning of teeth is a hardware method of dentistry that provides professional removal of plaque (calculus), elimination of unpleasant odor from the oral cavity through exposure to ultrasonic waves. A unique, highly effective procedure that allows you to become the owner of a snow-white smile without damaging the enamel. The use of ultrasonic teeth cleaning is carried out with a special apparatus that provides painless restoration of the natural color of the enamel, due to the removal of all hard dental deposits.

Laser teeth cleaning at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs has affordable prices and a number of advantages: safety, efficiency, parallel whitening, elimination of microbes, absence of noise. The laser used is safe for the tissues surrounding the tooth and provides cleaning by removing hard plaque without harming the enamel. In our dental office at Coral Spring, you can find out the current price for cleaning your teeth with a laser or ultrasound (US) by calling the phones listed on the website It is recommended to begin any dental procedure by cleaning the surface of the tooth to be treated. The preliminary removal of dental plaque ensures a high-quality connection of the filling with the tooth tissues.

Ultrasound teeth cleaning process
Ultrasonic dental cleaning is carried out using a scaler. Removal of deposits is carried out with a special attachment, which, without damaging the enamel, removes tartar. Cleaning is not painful, but at the request of the client, the periodontist will provide local anesthesia. Compulsory anesthesia is used for subgingival cleaning of tartar (curettage). The process takes a short period of time (about an hour). On a smooth surface, dental deposits are less retained, the risk of periodontitis is reduced. At the end of the procedure, in the presence of gum disease, the doctor makes an application with medications. The frequency of the procedure depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, his habits. Recommended to be done once or twice a year.

Benefits and contraindications of ultrasound teeth cleaning
The use of ultrasound contributes to:

  • high-quality processing of deep “pockets”;
  • the effect lasts for a long period of time;
  • elimination of plaque formed from tobacco products, coffee, other dyes that make up food;
  • polishing the surface enamel.

Before the dental cleaning session, it is necessary to inform the dentist and hygienist about the peculiarities of the body that may cause the refusal to use the ultrasonic cleaning method.

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