Laser Teeth Cleaning

Good home dental care cannot replace professional hygiene. No matter how thoroughly You brush your teeth every day, there are areas that cannot be reached with a regular brush or even dental floss or irrigator. Therefore, plaque accumulates there over time, which can form in tartar, and stains appear on the enamel that spoil the beauty of a smile as a result of drinking coffee, tea, smoking. Therefore, as part of basic dental therapy, regular professional cleaning is imperative. The procedure will not only give You a feeling of freshness and comfort in the oral cavity, make your smile snow-white, but also prevent many diseases that can provoke the accumulation of plaque. Modern dentistry is rich in a variety of techniques, but one of the most popular and effective is the laser. We practice this approach in our work and will be happy to tell You in more detail about all its advantages.

Laser cleaning at the dentist – what are the advantages?

Laser teeth cleaning is a completely safe and painless procedure. There are no restrictions on the age of the patient, everything goes quickly, without the slightest discomfort and direct tactile effect on the tissues. The laser beam does not affect the tooth enamel, and the essence of its action is to evaporate liquid from the accretions. Then, after drying, both soft plaque and tartar are very easily removed. Other benefits of dental laser cleaning:

  • High efficiency. The laser beam removes not only soft plaque, but also hard accretions, microorganisms, dark patches;
  • Complete security. The laser does not affect mucous membranes, does not affect enamel;
  • By removing plaque and pigmentation, the procedure has a whitening effect. You can achieve a lightening of several tones due to laser cleaning;
  • Absence of pain, bleeding and any discomfort during the procedure;
  • No risk of allergies.

Before starting dental laser treatment, a specialist evaluates the condition of the teeth and the oral cavity as a whole. You may need to pre-treat caries or remove old fillings. You can cover your teeth with a special strengthening gel to consolidate the effect of laser cleaning.

Loyal cost and excellent service

We value our reputation and the trust of patients, therefore dental services are provided at the highest level. Prices are competitive in the region and are openly indicated on the website, pre-announced to the patient before the start of treatment. Our clinic is visited by whole families, and regular clients have pleasant bonuses. We will be glad to be of service to You.