Partial and full dentures at Coral Springs

If you have a missing tooth or teeth this article may be useful for you.

Doesn`t matter if we are talking about Partial or Full dentures  – it is a painless and safe procedure. At Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we offer a couple of options for missing teeth. If you are not looking for a dental implant placing or if you are not a good candidate for placing a dental implant – we still have a good and affordable option for a missing tooth or even teeth.

In the manufacture of a denture, materials are used that do not differ in color and texture from natural enamel. You will be satisfied with the result.

When prosthetics is necessary

Prosthetics may be required if:

  • One or more teeth are missing in the dentition (it is supposed to install a prosthesis on 1, 2, 3, or more teeth);
  • Lack of restoration with filling. The integrity of the dentition plays an important role in the comfort and aesthetic performance. In case of serious damage, there is a threat of loss of a dental unit, and in the absence of one or more, there are consequences for the rest: At the place of absence, atrophy of bone tissue develops;
  • Redistribution of the load causes the grinding of nearby; Nearby units loosen and antagonists move apart to compensate for what they have lost.

The dental clinic “Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs” offers high-quality dental prosthetics at an affordable price for patients from Coral Springs and all around the world. We have our local lab here in Fort Lauderdale. We are not sending any dental cases out of the county. We provide our patients the best American quality. The equipment in our dentistry allows you to carry out any type of recovery and treatment with comfort. The cost of dental prostheses is affordable for everyone.

Dental prosthetics services: types and prices

There are two main types of prosthetics: removable (dental flipper, full dentures, partials, lamellar, immediate prostheses, Acry Free, etc.) and fixed (placing dental implants: All-on-4 implants or All-on 6 implant or All-on-8 implants). Dentures are made of cermets; zirconium dioxide; metal-free ceramics. Our dental lab technician may be present during your dental appointment with your dentist for a better result so that the smile looks as natural as possible. We provide treatment of any complexity, including prosthetics with implantation. Prices for dental implants, Full dentures are posted on our website here

At Affordable Dentistry, you will have a couple of options regarding the temporary and permanent solutions for tooth gap/ missing tooth/ missing teeth. If you are looking for a good dentist and affordable dentistry you can start with scheduling your first dental appointment, simply call us  (786) 440-4948