Periodontal Disease

Do you know that periodontal disease is the most common cause of tooth loss? We are accustomed to the fact that the worst dental disease is caries, but in fact, inflammation of the gums is no less dangerous. With periodontitis, the tissues surrounding the tooth become inflamed, swollen and atrophy over time, and as a result, the teeth become shaky and may fall out. Therefore, the main task of patients is to go to the clinic at the first suspicious symptoms, and specialists – to choose an effective therapy in order to save their teeth.

Dental approaches to gum disease treatment

The best way in modern dentistry is laser periodontal treatment. Using a powerful and precise laser beam, the dentist cleans gingival pockets of plaque, removes infection and seals blood vessels. By acting on the affected tissues with a laser, the specialist eliminates the inflammatory process, the periodontal pockets are closed and infection will not enter them. Depending on the complexity of the disease, several sessions may be needed, after which the bleeding of the gums and the shakiness of the teeth decrease.

The benefits of laser gum therapy:

  • Absolute sterility of the method;
  • Minimal trauma;
  • Ability to process the most difficult-to-reach areas;
  • Fast tissue recovery after the procedure.

We have been practicing dental laser treatment for a long time, we use new high-quality equipment and thoroughly know the technique to achieve the best results.

Reasonable cost of quality treatment

Prices for all dental services are listed on the website. We adhere to a loyal pricing policy and make quality dentistry available to the majority. If You feel discomfort in the gum area or have already diagnosed periodontal disease, then do not hesitate to apply. The sooner we start treatment, the easier and cheaper it will be to achieve the result.