Permanent Dental Implants

The placement of permanent dental implants is the best way to restore the integrity of the dentition and the attractiveness of your smile. Unlike removable dentures and temporary implants, permanent ones are the most durable. Depending on the quality of the implants, crowns, and the dentist’s work, such construction can use from 10 to 20 years.

Installation of permanent dental implants

  • Before you can see the finished result in the mirror, we will go through several stages together.
  • At this stage, we will check the general condition of the dental cavity, draw up an individual prosthetics plan and its cost.
  • To do this in the best possible way, we need X-rays, dental, and jaw casts.
  • Installation of the implant in the jaw. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t worry.
  • When the dentist is satisfied that your gums are healed, they will place you on a final permanent denture. The dentist will check the correctness of the bite and remedy the imperfections so that you are completely satisfied with your new teeth and a dazzling smile.

Permanent dental implants that we use in our clinic

Our dentistry is a place where doctors with extensive experience in dental implant surgery. Every month we install over 100 dental implants and find solutions to the most difficult dental problems. Whatever your situation, we have all the necessary equipment and specialists to help you.

We do not work with Chinese materials. We have our local lab here in Florida and use the best dental materials. The implants we use are made in the USA. The brand we prefer to do business with is OCO Biomedical. Celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2016, OCO Biomedical Inc. is a proven global leader in world-class dental technology, training, and instrumentation. We give a guarantee for our work and carefully monitor our reputation. That is why we fundamentally relate to the choice of materials and partners.

The fundamentally high quality of dental services at an affordable price is our top priority. We do our best to make teeth prosthetics available to as many patients as possible. Good value for money is why patients come to us from all over Broward District and surrounding regions.

The sooner you make an appointment, the faster you can show off your new smile. Ask your questions to our manager in the chat window on the website and choose a convenient time for your visit so that the doctor can examine you and tell more about dental implants.