Porcelain Dental Crown

What is a Dental Crown?

Often a dental crown is called a “cap” that is used to replace cracked, weak and deeply decayed teeth. It helps to bring back the original shape, size and even match the color with other teeth. If the tooth is decayed, then the decay is cleaned from the tooth and impressions of the prepared tooth (teeth) are taken to be sent out to our Dental Lab located in Miami. Our lab can make zirconia, porcelain and gold crowns. Meanwhile your dental crown is being prepared, we will make an in office temporary crown. It will approximately take 3 weeks to have your dental crown delivered to our office which then can be cemented onto the prepared surface of the tooth.

Advantages of a Dental Crown:

Porcelain and zirconia dental crowns are made to perfectly match the shade and shape of your teeth, it’s durable, it’s strong, and it’s virtually undetectable. Nobody could ever tell or see the difference of a crowned tooth and a natural tooth.

Of course, dental crowns are not only cosmetic but are a healthy way to restore cracked, decayed and weak teeth. Dental porcelain and zirconia crowns are strong. It’s is meant to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure.

Please note that Dental Crowns should be considered and discussed with a dentist before the tooth is so decayed to the point that it may fracture. This will often help prevent the expense of root canal therapy in the future. It can also prevent the possibility that a fractured tooth may need to be removed, requiring the expense of a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.

How long dental crowns last?

Crowns are amazing way to restore one or more teeth but may have few concerns.  They are highly durable, but they will eventually need to be re-cemented or replaced due to normal wear. If a dental checkup and teeth cleanings are done by a dentist every 6 months, dental crown may last up to 15 years.

Over time a tooth may still need a root canal therapy after being crowned, but only in cases where the root was already infected by the decay and was small which was not visible on the x-rays.

Other possible options in case the tooth is decayed or fractured and cannot be saved but just removed, the best alternatives to a dental crown are dental bridges and dental implants that replace the missing tooth.

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