Dental Laser Treatment

Modern methods of treatment in dentistry are constantly being improved. More and more opportunities are opening up for specialists and patients for a more effective, quick and painless treatment of a variety of diseases. One of the major advances in the industry is dental laser treatment. This technology has provided fundamentally new perspectives in the treatment of gum disease, and we are confident that over time, the range of laser applications will only expand. A laser is an extremely focused light beam that can be used to reshape or remove tissue in small amounts. Due to the specifics of its action, laser dentistry has found the most effective application for the treatment of periodontitis.

Laser therapy for gum diseases

Our dentists actively practice laser treatment of periodontitis, which gives the following positive results:

  • Reducing of bleeding and swelling of the gums by removing bacteria, foci of infection;
  • Ability to select parameters strictly according to the individual needs of the patient. Specialists adjust the wavelength and power of the laser beam depending on the stage of the disease, stages of treatment and the needs of the patient;
  • Minimal trauma of the procedure, due to which patients recover quickly;
  • Lasers do not require drilling, most patients do not require anesthesia, so the process is minimally painful;
  • Due to the high precision of laser action, healthy tissues and teeth are not damaged;
  • Maximum sterility and no risk of infections.

Our dental clinic is always open to innovations, we introduce new equipment into our work, specialists quickly master the techniques in order to offer You the best solutions.

Laser treatment cost

Prices for all dentist services are listed in the public domain on the website, You can also check everything by phone. We immediately announce the prices and the amount of treatment so that the patient does not expect any surprises. At the same time, we have a loyal pricing policy in the region and a high quality of service for Your comfort with any manipulation of any complexity. More information on each dental service is in specific sections of the site, and we are in touch and ready to answer your questions.