Dental Partial Denture

A partial is a denture that replaces the missing teeth when someone still has multiple natural teeth remaining. It is removable, not attached permanently to the teeth or jawbones. A removable partial denture. It is made from an exact replica of your mouth in a dental lab.

Are dental partials comfortable?

At first, your partial denture will be a little awkward. You’ll be used to the missing teeth and having a foreign object in their place won’t feel natural during those first few weeks. However, over time, you’ll become more and more used to wearing it. You may ask your doctor for alternative options for replacing missing teeth.  Dentist may offer you fixed bridge( non- removeble),  single implant placing or implant bridge, even roundhouse bridge may be a good option for you. Dentist will request to see your x-rays before planning the dental treatment. 

Are partials a good idea?

Partials are a much better option than a complete denture to replace lost teeth in your lower jaw if some natural teeth can be saved. … Take your partial out every night to relieve your teeth and tissues. Your gums need air and good blood circulation to be healthy.

Can you eat normally with a partial denture?

The answer is: yes, you absolutely can. But there may be a period of adjustment as you get used to the new feeling in your mouth. It is wise to take a period of time sticking to soft foods and dishes that don’t require a lot of chewing and jaw work.

Which is better: a bridge or a partial?

If you are only missing one or two teeth, a bridge may be a better option for you. Partial dentures tend to be more affordable and are typically preferred if you are missing several teeth. If you are at risk for more tooth loss, you may want to choose a partial denture, since it’s a cheaper alternative. 

Top 5 options to replace a missing tooth (teeth):



# Dental treatment Type of replacement Can you chew with it? Can you sleep with it? Pricing 
1 Single Dental implants Permanent Yes Yes $$
2 Implant-supported bridge Permanent Yes Yes $$$
3 Tooth-supported bridge Permanent Yes Yes $$
4 Partial dentures Removable Yes No $$
5 Flipper Removable/ For aesthetic purpose  only No  No  $


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