Complete Dentures

The loss of one tooth is a serious problem for a person – it causes aesthetic discomfort and requires complex dental interventions. And we will let alone the complete loss of the dentition. But You should not despair, because modern methods of dentistry can successfully solve almost any problem. You will be able to restore the beauty of your smile, self-confidence and the ability to chew any food without difficulty with the help of full dentures, competent and carefully selected to your needs. If you want to quickly place complete dentures with a reasonable financial investment and a beautiful and high-quality result, we will be glad to see You in our clinic.

What solutions in the absence of teeth does dentistry offer?

If You have such a problem, there are two main options – the manufacture of a removable denture for the entire dentition or prosthetics based on implants. The method is chosen individually, taking into account the clinical picture and the wishes of the patient himself, but the second option is more preferable. Benefits of implant-based dentures:

    • There is no risk of bone tissue atrophy;
    • It is convenient for the patient to eat, the chewing load is evenly distributed, there is no discomfort when eating any food;
    • There are no inconveniences, speech disorders in the process of wearing prostheses, no special care is required, except for basic daily hygiene.

Depending on the number of lost teeth, the number of implants is selected, crowns are installed on them, and in this way the entire dentition is restored. In some cases, the technique may be inappropriate – if, for example, there is insufficient bone tissue. Then our specialists are looking for the best solutions in a particular case and help the patient to return a beautiful, healthy smile by all means.

The cost of a complete oral prosthetics

Our dental services include all types of prosthetics using high quality, modern materials and new equipment. We timely introduce innovative methods and instruments into our work, but at the same time we try to keep prices at an affordable level for the population. You can see the price for all services on the site, and clarify the details of interest and make an appointment by phone. We will be glad to see You.