Simple and Surgical Teeth Extraction

Surgical dentistry is a medical direction, the main goal of which is to preserve a tooth.  When we are talking about dental surgery the first thing that comes up in the brain is – tooth extraction. The main goal for our dental office is to save the tooth to the last.   We carry out the most complex tooth-preserving and dentists that make your smile beautiful, attractive, and aesthetically perfect.

When is a tooth extraction necessary?
Despite the experience of our dentists, it is not always possible to avoid an extreme measure – tooth extraction. BUT it is worth remembering that the extraction is carried out only strictly according to the indications. The main reasons for tooth extraction are the following conditions:

  • the coronal and subgingival parts of the tooth are severely damaged, therefore, it is impossible to restore the tooth with therapeutic or orthopedic treatment;
  • the root of the tooth is broken, resulting in a jaw injury;
  • as a result of the diagnosis, the patient has severe periodontitis;
  • teeth grow incorrectly, which makes prosthetics impossible, and also causes injuries to the soft tissues surrounding the teeth;
  • the doctor cannot install braces or other orthopedic structures, fix for bite correction.

Painless tooth extraction is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. The intervention is quite traumatic, so it is necessary to treat the operation with full seriousness. Our dental clinic guarantees a high level of cleanliness of the premises, as well as absolutely sterile instruments. We are following all OSHA standards, rules, and regulations to eliminate the risk of infection or complications after the procedures.

Dentists at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs are using gentle techniques, modern instruments that allow us to minimize rehabilitation after correction.

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By contacting our dental clinic, you can be sure that our experienced dentist will solve any dental problem. We offer our clients a full range of surgical and therapeutic services:

Here in Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs, we provide our patients with comfortable conditions in the clinic, an individual approach to each specific case. Before prescribing an operation, we take into account the patient’s condition, select the most effective type of anesthesia.

Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs is a guarantee:

  • affordable dental cost for teeth extractions. Check our prices for dental treatment online here;
  • quick and painless removal of wisdom teeth ( yes, our dentists can remove impacted wisdom teeth as well);
  • provision of high-level medical services – sterility of instruments, the Anti-AIDS, Anti-Hepatitis program, and high professionalism of the staff are the key to the absence of complications after surgery. We follow all OSHA rules and regulations.

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