Teeth restoration at Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs

Unfornitaly,  not everyone has straight teeth from nature, but we are living in a time where people can get a perfect smile after seen a dentist.

Improper care, improper diet, bad habits – all this can be a reason for many diseases, aesthetic deficiencies. However, you can restore beauty and get rid of defects by contacting a dental clinic.

Tooth restoration is a corrective technique of a restorative nature. Complex dental procedures in a short period will return an aesthetic look to your smile. You can find our photos of tooth restoration Before and After here.

When the help of an orthodontist is appropriate

Dental restoration is aimed at restoring the anatomical shape of the tooth; restoration of defects and position; correction of color, size, the surface of teeth. The dentist works not only on the appearance but also on the functionality of the dentition. The restoration of the chewing teeth will restore the working capacity of the jaw apparatus. As you know, large pieces of food are poorly absorbed by the body, provoke disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system, which leads to illness and poor health. Restoring chewing function is paramount. It does not affect the prices of correctional work in any way. The procedure can be called aesthetic and healing at the same time. If you have any orthodontist problems please contact your local ortho for more information.  The will help you to eliminate the following defects: cracks, chips, and other small defects; severe carious lesions; tooth decay due to natural causes; caries under the filling, etc.

Contraindications for dental restoration

All risks should be explained to you before any dental treatment by your dentist during the consultation, any contraindications are discussed, and as a result, an optimal solution for the restoration of a dental unit is found.

Relative contraindications for restoration work using composite materials include the following points:

  • Missing chewing teeth. If the patient does not have posterior teeth, the entire load when chewing food will fall on the frontal group, which means that the material will wear out faster.
  • Metal crowns placing on antagonistic teeth can also increase the abrasion of the restored teeth. this material is more durable. A malocclusion can increase the chances of dentition wear, so it is recommended that you visit an orthodontist prior to restorations.
  • If the hard tissues of the tooth are totally missing, then the construction of composite materials may not be reliable enough. In this case, it is worth giving preference to ceramics, metal-ceramic inlays, or crowns.
  • In case of bruxism (strong compression of the jaws), it is recommended to install stronger crowns.

Two types of teeth restoration

  • What is direct restorative?
Direct Restorative Materials: Resin Composites. Generally made up of an organic polymerizable resin matrix, inorganic filler material, and a coupling agent,1, 46 resin composite restorative materials were developed as an esthetic alternative to amalgam by providing a tooth-colored filling.
  • What is indirect restorative?

Indirect restorations are those that cannot be fabricated inside the mouth and instead must be fabricated outside of the mouth before being placed on the affected tooth. Some examples include crowns, bridges, dental implants, inlays, onlays, and veneers. We have our local lab here in Florida in Fort Lauderdale. We are not shipping any dental work out of Us. We would like to provide to our patients the best American quality with all certificates.  

Both types of dental restorations allow for a range of restoration options. In most cases, direct restorations are used to restore small to medium areas of damage or decay. This is because composite resin (filling)  can create a bond with tooth enamel, making it an ideal dental material for smaller restorations. However, larger areas of damage or decay are generally restored using indirect restorations, since they are made from stronger dental materials that can provide more support to a tooth significantly affected by damage or decay. Indirect restorations are also used in cases where the goal is to enhance the aesthetics of the smile.

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