Tooth Crowns

The advanced form of the disease is dangerous because of loss of teeth. At the same time, specialists manage to do the removal only in extreme cases and always look for ways to preserve the dentition. As long as there is a root, it is possible to save a tooth even in very difficult situations. The dental crowns are suitable for this – it is prosthetics based on a cast dental model, under which a healthy root remains safe for years.

Types of dentures for the tooth root

According to the material of execution, there are metal, metal-plastic and metal-ceramic, metal-composite and metal-free teeth crowns. Previously, metal structures were widespread, because there was no alternative. Their aesthetic properties have left a great deal to be desired. Fortunately, You no longer need to be ashamed of your dentures when communicating. Today, metal is used only in the base, which is hidden by a coating close to the color of the enamel.

The most affordable solution is metal-plastic crown. Unfortunately, they are short-lived, last up to 5 years. Metal-ceramics is heavier than plastic coated products and much more durable. It is based on a medical alloy. A natural faced tooth is hidden under a metal “box” on which several layers of ceramics are applied. Metal-composite crowns are similar in structure to metal-ceramic. They differ only in the composition of the coating, which is a photopolymer material. Metal-free crowns can be made of ceramics, based on zirconium dioxide or aluminum oxide. Any tooth is subject to the less facing for such structures.

The best price-quality ratio of dental services

The tooth crowning is carried out in several stages. A specialist examines the oral cavity and a diseased tooth, in particular. Then the results of the X-ray are evaluated and the tactics of prosthetics are selected. Since we are talking about dental diseases, treatment of pathology will be needed. Sometimes it is necessary to clear caries or remove a nerve, and if there is a high degree of destruction, a dental post or a dental inlay may be needed. In addition, facing is often required so that the prosthesis fits perfectly into the dental gap. The dentist makes an accurate cast model with a full scan of the resulting “jaw”. Then a 3D model is created to transfer the data to the dental technician. During the preparation of the prosthesis, the tooth is protected by a temporary crown. The quality of dental services is of great importance, as negligent performance often comes at a high cost.

The cost of crowning at affordable Coral Springs’ dentistry is justified. Competent doctors are highly qualified and have a lot of practical experience. Our specialists will be able to carry out the procedure as comfortable as possible. We will be glad to see You in our clinic.