Tooth Infection

We love to see our patients smile and and be pain free at all times.  Eating your favorite meal without experiencing any sensitivity might be a dream for someone who is reading this.

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves the removal of infected pulp in the center of a tooth. The pulp comprises blood vessels, nerve endings, and tissue. When tooth decay occurs, you may feel discomfort and sensitivity around your tooth. This may mean your tooth is infected.

Often times dental infections present with symptoms like heightened sensitivity or gum soreness. Surprisingly enough, infection can also happen with no symptoms at all.

Contrary to public perception, root canals actually eliminate discomfort. Teeth that are infected can produce mild to severe sensitivity, and sometimes can even go without bothering you for years until they produce an acute infection (swelling). By root canal treating your tooth early on, we can save your natural tooth and restore it to form and function.


Dr Bennett G. is a root canal specialist that will be able to preform any type of root canal same day of your appointment.

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