Treatment Plan your Oral Health

Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs cares about you and your health. When it comes to patients health its best not to hold back and proceed with the treatment to prevent the condition worsening. We also understand how difficult times may be for some, and try to do as much as we can when necessary. When presenting a treatment plan we prioritize the conditions that most likely will get worse sooner than the others. If agreed with the patient, we divide the visits with patient’s budget or the amount they think they might afford per visit. Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs takes an extra mile to make sure the patients get their treatment done on time so it does not harm their health more in the future. We will provide you with 20% off if you bring a copy of presented treatment plan from another dentist.


Schedule your appointment at (786) 440-4948. We do everything under the same roof such as dental crowns. dental implants, dental bridges, all kinds of teeth cleanings and root canal treatments.