What is an apicoectomy (apico)?

Apicoectomy is a type of surgical intervention. During an apicoectomy, the dentist removes the upper part of the root – hence the term “resection” gum and bone. For sure the traditional root canal is the most common dental treatment. But there are some specific cases and apico surgery may be recommended by your dentist.  For example,  if root canal treatment was done in the right way a long time ago and the tooth was cover with a dental crown for years and in one day you feel some discomfort on that side. First of all, the dentist will request an Xray of that side to see if the root is infected. If so, apico can be  recommended by your dentist.

Some statistics demonstrate as high as about 85% of apicoectomy procedures are successful long-term, while others show a success rate as low as 25%. With the help of advanced dental technology, the success rate is often higher than average and the recovery period is more favorable.

Typically, your procedure will be done by a general dentist with advanced training, endodontist, or oral or maxillofacial surgeon. An apicoectomy may include your dental professional: Injecting local anesthetic to numb the area around your infected tissue. Opening gum tissue around your affected tooth.

The apicoectomy procedures include several successive stages:

  • incision,
  • trepanation,
  • resection,
  • suturing.

Root canal surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia such as a numbing shot, so you won’t feel any pain.

How long is the recovery period after apico?

While an apicoectomy is considered a surgical procedure, discomfort is usually minimal. Your dentist will remove stitches 5 to 7 days after the procedure, and swelling and soreness usually diminish after two weeks.

After your procedure, it is very important to follow post-operative instructions to prevent any serious complications. Proper care of the surgical area is important to insure proper healing. If after your surgery, you are given a prescription for antibiotics, get the prescription filled as soon as possible.

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