“Wisdom” tooth, according to older generation is supposedly a sign that a person has become more mature, but have you ever experienced the pain of becoming “wise”?

If your wisdom teeth are hurting it could easily be them growing in. When they break through the gums it can cause pain, swelling and soreness. Having your wisdom teeth removed is the best way to fix any wisdom teeth related issues and prevent any future problems.

We often receive questions like “Does Affordable Dentistry extract wisdom teeth?” And the answer would be “of course yes”. “Is it affordable?” and the answer is guess what “OF COURSE!!!”. And the most commonly asked question is about anesthesia. Our oral surgeon at Affordable Dentistry uses LOCAL anesthesia, we have all kinds of anesthesia, for all kinds of patients, for example for those who might be allergic to lidocaine or epinephrine.

Our team is dedicated to bring patients satisfactory service and guide you to what’s best for you and your heath. And that is the reason why we don’t use general anesthesia, it’s known to have side effects during and after the procedure. They’re minor such as nausea, vomiting, chills and confusion. But can be major for those patients who have diseases.

Wisdom teeth extractions in our office are just piece of cake.

Fun fact

Patients in Affordable Dentistry take longer to get numb under local anesthesia, than the surgical extraction itself.