Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually start bothering at late teenage years or early adulthood and can most of the times cause problems with crowding in the mouth. Crowding in the mouth could lead to infection in the mouth, damage surrounding or all teeth and gums. In most severe cases in been known to cause even tumors. Usually in teenage years when a teenager requires braces, first thing that the orthodontist refers to do is to remove wisdom teeth. It may only be necessary to remove one or two wisdom teeth in some patients while others must remove the full set of four. Wisdom teeth do not play any role and they are not necessary in the mouth. Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs recommends removing or extracting all four wisdom teeth in one visit rather than keep coming back to remove each one. That will take longer time to heal. Just imagine, you removed one wisdom tooth, your gums have healed and you’d have to come back for another one and that is another healing process.


Affordable Dentistry of Coral Springs offers same day wisdom teeth extractions and flexible payment plan. Healing process is quick and painless due to professionalism and experience of our dentist Geoffrey Bennett.

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