Despite the great technological advances in the development of orthopedic dentistry, the most traditional overdentures are still relevant today. Of course, there are many more innovative techniques for restoring the dentition, but their application is impossible in some cases. In addition, the placement of overdentures is the most affordable solution in terms of price.

Nevertheless, the choice of removable orthopedic structures is most often justified by clinical indications, among which there may be:

  • Pathologies in bone tissue, which do not allow implantation of implants for performing fixed prosthetics;
  • Insufficient number of healthy teeth for reliable fixation of the prosthesis, a high level of their looseness;
  • Adentia, that is, complete absence of teeth;
  • Certain gum diseases.

If You are indicated exactly with removable prosthetics, this is not a reason for frustration. Modern structures are much more efficient and aesthetically pleasing than their predecessors, so You will be satisfied with the result.

What types of dentures do dentists recommend?

In modern dentistry, the following types of overdentures are distinguished:

  • Clasp – they consist of a frame with fasteners and artificial teeth, the remaining teeth serve as a support for them. This structure looks very natural, the chewing load is distributed evenly, there is no effect on diction, there are no changes in taste sensitivity. The system is easy to remove for hygiene procedures, it is convenient to use;
  • Laminar dentures. They are unpretentious and easy to care for, quite aesthetic, they restore chewing functions well, but they can put a little pressure on the tissues, which entails the risks of edema and foci of inflammation. In comparison with clasp structures, laminar ones are cheaper, but have more disadvantages;
  • Immediate dentures – they are mainly used as temporary for the period after the extraction or facing of teeth for the installation of permanent dentures.

Our dental services include the placement of all modern types of removable dentures, among which specialists will select the best in your case. We know our business, we carry out dental dentures responsibly, we are attentive to the needs of the patient and are looking for the most reliable solutions, taking into account the available budget.

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