Root Canal Treatment

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves cleaning them from all possible bacteria, foci of inflammation for subsequent high-quality filling. Such measures are mainly needed in the case of acute pulpitis or periodontitis. The infected or already dead nerve tissue is removed in the process. Thus, the tooth is deprived of its nourishing vessels and nerve endings, but it is possible to save it with the help of further filling. Endodontic treatment is accompanied by the use of modern dental techniques, including the placement of a special paste or a surgical technique. At the same time, dental laser therapy is gaining momentum all over the world.

Laser therapy in the endodontic treatment

More and more clinics and dentists in particular are appreciating the benefits of using a laser root canal treatment. The traditional approach involves the affected pulp exposure, the inflamed tissue remove with a disinfecting treatment, and filling. The result of the procedure largely depends on the quality of disinfection, because the slightest remain of infection can provoke a relapse of inflammation and then all the work will be in vain, and the patient will have to go through the same path of treatment again. When using the classical technology, the dentist carries out the disinfection with the help of special antiseptic preparations. It is this stage of root treatment that can be replaced with a laser. The accuracy of the laser beam action, the absence of direct contact with tissues give the best result of high-quality disinfection. Absolutely all harmful bacteria will be removed, which guarantees the reliability of the filling and the absence of problems with the tooth in the future. This technique is widely used in our clinic to replace the usual disinfection and the results are pleasantly pleasing. We have modern precision lasers at our disposal, which are easy and convenient to work with for both the specialist and the patient.

Modern dentistry where your teeth are taken care of

Due to a wide range of dental services, a huge variety of equipment and materials, we will be able to choose the best therapy option for each specific case. We have an affordable cost of treatment with high-quality service. Prices are indicated on the website, you can clarify the cost of procedures before starting them. We will be happy to advise you and make an appointment at a convenient time.