Temporary Dentures

Many patients, starting prosthetics, understand that the process is quite lengthy. Therefore, they are worried about the obvious question – how to live out the implant survival period, when the teeth are completely absent? If You do not want to get out of the usual rhythms of life, be closed at home and not to see your friends, there is an option of temporary dentures. You will be able to communicate with people without embarrassment, go to work and participate in any events, while going through the difficult path of prosthetics with the help of this approach. Temporary dentures solve several basic problems:

  • Hide defects in the dentition;
  • Mask the unsightly appearance of the tooth after its facing;
  • Protection of gums from damage and faced teeth from infection;
  • Prosthetics process acceleration;
  • Allows You to easily eat your favorite food and smile confidently around.

Temporary dentures in dentistry

Modern dental services include the placement of two types of temporary dentures:

  • These are mainly structures made of hypoallergenic plastic. They are fixed on adjacent teeth using special fasteners. The constructions are as similar as possible to natural teeth in anatomical shape, enamel color;
  • These are bridge structures that are attached to the faced teeth and help the patient get used to the dentures. They provide high protection against infections and inflammation, and other negative external factors. These are the immediate dentures after teeth facing or placement of implants, reducing the patient’s aesthetic discomfort to a minimum.

Do you want to know the cost of the procedure and clarify the details? A lot of useful information is offered on our website, but it is better to immediately make an appointment at the Coral Springs Clinic.

Temporary dentures for teeth

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